#P5: Purpose in Power

Pastor's Five, P5 logo“And David realized that the Lord had established him as king over Israel, and that He had exalted his kingdom for the sake of His people Israel.” 2 Samuel 5:12, NASB

Some years ago I was speaking with my pastor and asking him for advice on how not to “blow it” in ministry. IOW…what is the key to success? His response, among many pieces of sage advice…”Don’t read your own press clippings. No one is really that good.”

Sometimes we look at success in our lives and start to believe that we are responsible. Sometimes we look at the fruit of our successes and think that they exist for our pleasure or disposition. In reality, that is not so for the Christian. We are stewards (managers) of God’s blessings. We own nothing. We have nothing. We simply manage God’s “resources” for His “purposes” and to His “Glory.”

The message of this verse is simply that. David has been exalted and his kingdom well-established for the benefit of God’s people Israel.

Sure, David is king and has possessions but the point is that God entrusted this platform to David so that he would live responsibly in serving God’s people. David’s comfort and possessions are secondary in the purpose fo God. David’s successes are secondary tot he purpose of God. If God had not made David successful, He would have simply made someone else successful. It is by God’s grace that David was anything. Remember…he was the youngest of his brothers…the runt of the litter. He was a shepherd boy that God used to show His power over Goliath. He was a humble boy that God chose over the good looking and tall/handsome/kingly Saul. He is a fierce warrior who had many successes in battle because He sought God’s guidance and help in battle. God chose David.

So, what is your platform? Are you a successful businessman? It is not for your benefit alone that you are such. God has entrusted success to you so that you will serve a higher purpose. Are you a wise leader? God has given you wisdom and a platform for His purpose.

Once we lose perspective on what we are blessed…God may remove His empowerment for our continued blessings. When we start to live for our pleasures more than His…we start to emulate the life of Saul more than the life of David…and God will not share His glory with anyone.

Shalom, CA.


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