#P5: Rehearsing the Gospel

Pastor's Five, P5 logo“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” Psalm 23:1.

In my reflection time this morning after reading my devotionals, I was thoughtful of King David in the writing of the 23d Psalm. Often times we read Scripture and think of it as someone sharing a new truth or enlightenment. It is that many times, but it is also a written as a response to situations or circumstances affecting the writer at the time. (All of this according to the Inspiration fo the Holy Spirit of course). My thought…”Was David preaching the gospel to himself…and if so, why?”

We often think of the gospel as the good news of God’s Salvation for the lost…but it is also a source of encouragement for the saved. Life is difficult. It is stressful. It is overwhelming. Not all the time but certainly sometimes. When those times occur, how does one become strengthened?

David notes that the Lord is His shepherd. This is not because David sought out and enlisted the Lord’s service; rather, it is because the Lord sought out David and enlisted him! I think that was a source of encouragement to David. God sought and bought me! God is not sentimental or sappy….He is not wasteful or capricious. He is purposeful, glorious, and righteous in all things! God sought me and became my Shepherd!

All encouragement in the Christian life stems from this fact.

When we find ourselves discouraged, remember Him. When we are overwhelmed, remember Him. When we see no point in persisting, or remaining righteous, or pursuing justice…remember Him.

YES…the gospel is good news for the lost but it is also good news for the saved! We are no less needy of the gospel once we are saved than before we ever heard and responded to it initially. Today…preach to yourself. Rehearse the gospel. Do not fear being given over to pride. No right perspective on the gospel can lead to pride. Rehearse it and then be swept up in the glory of God’s grace toward us that not only saves, but also sustains!

Shalom. CA


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