#P5: Secret Sin is not…

Pastor's Five, P5 logo“The sons of Israel did things secretly which were not right against the Lord their God.”
2 Kings 17:9a, NASB

It is not difficult to make the case for God’s displeasure and righteous judgment against public or prominent sin. I don’t know many people who would say that God is unjust in the destruction of Hitler or Mussolini or Mao or Bin Laden. I don’t know anyone who would petition against God in light of the demise of a child-molester or rapist or the like.

It is a far more difficult agreement to obtain if we said God hates US when we cheat on our taxes or lie to our spouse or keep back important information from an employer. Still more difficult…gaining agreement that the things we do in secret where no one else even knows they are a victim could be worthy of God’s righteous judgment!!

I share often that my sweet wife once shared in a powerful talk to middle school girls that God is in their room behind closed doors. He is in the bathroom, in the car, in the closet, in their bedroom. There is nowhere that they can go that God does not see and know. (This talk has impacted me and is still prevalent in my mind even now nearly 2 decades later.)

I think there are times when we think that if our sin is in secret, we are “off the hook” with God as if it doesn’t count. But it does. In the passage here…among the litany of reasons that led to the demise of Israel…was their secret sin. Now we should realize first that if someone knows…then it isn’t a secret…and God knows. God sees. God hears. God watches. He is omniscient and omnipresent. He knows.

The question is…even if you’re a stellar example of a Christian on the surface…and everyone who knows you knows that you are a saint…will God overlook or pass over your secret sin? Everyone else make approve of you but God looks deeper. He examines the heart. He watches what you do in the secret places. He observes everything and, ultimately, it is before Him alone you will stand and give an account. Yes…everyone else may name you CHRISTIAN OF THE YEAR but it is the judgment of God that counts!

So, what if there is sin entrenched in the secret places of your life? How can these be dealt with so as to satisfy the holiness of God? Only with Confession and repentance…but always with confession and repentance. The is ALWAYS ONLY the cure for sin, whether private or public. Agree with God, forsake the sin, acceptance His covering of your sin. Remember what sin you cover up, God uncovers; and, what sin you uncover, God covers.

Shalom, CA


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