Mr. Trump, Character should STILL matter!

150810-donald-trump-debate-743a_ded2a0af932f2c2332757273ea911da2.nbcnews-fp-1200-800Last evening, the candidate leading the GOP primary race, Donald Trump, made a visit to my fair city. The downtown was all abuzz with thousands of people piling into the civic center to hear from the man who, by many accounts, could be the next President of the United States. Honestly, I am a bit of a cynic on political campaigns because they are often scripted and “poll-tested” to the point that Joel Osteen could run for office and give you your best life by Friday.

On the ride home from a late meeting at the office, I listened to the live broadcast on the local AM Station. It is about an 8 minute ride and as I was driving I heard some of the most “crass” language I have ever heard from a political candidate for the highest office in the land.

Now before you “x” out of this article…give me 3-4 more minutes. I am not anti-culture. I am not an establishment Republican, a die-hard Democrat, or an anti-Tea Party subversive. I am a father, a husband, a pastor, a veteran and a die-hard patriot.

I am not even going to take issue with the SUBSTANCE of Mr. Trump’s platform. On many points I agree with him and on many others, I scratch my head, but am not opposed to him. I differ with him on a couple of things (perhaps) but I don’t think that will cause him to send the jet to bring me to his HQ to vet my ideas for a possible platform shift for his campaign.

My concern…that which causes my heart to struggle is more about “style” than “substance.” It relates to the internal drive of a man…both the man speaking and the man listening (and cheering him on). It is actually deeper thn style…but is an issue of character.

In my short listen yesterday, I heard “the Donald” drop 3 expletives about the audio system. The man who installed the mic, the SOB who did that should not be paid. If a man doesn’t do his job, I don’t pay the b_st_rd.

So we are not taking about little accentuating words that cause eyebrows to raise. This language, while possibly second-nature to some folks was used to illicit a response. Mr. Trump was trying to fire up the crowds! He was seeking to create a heightened emotional response! And his actions lacked CLASS.

The Office of President of the United States should be the most revered office in our land. The single leader of the greatest democracy of the world should be the classiest, wisest, most character-exhibiting figure on the planet. He should be one that parents refer to when they tell their children that they can be anyone they choose if they work hard and do the right thing.

The highest office in the land needs some class. It is time to hang our heads in shame over “cigar” jokes or when defining what “is” is. We should shake our heads over “beer-summits” for photo-ops. We certainly should have a man in the office that knows that language matters and has enough command of it that he can make a point without being crude or brash. Leading a crowd in a chant that we will have Mexico build a wall for us is not the same kind of leadership exhibited by another revolutionary leader who boldly exclaimed, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

By the way, I think Mr. Trump DOES have a command of the language and chooses his words quite carefully. His intent IS to fire up the spirit within many Americans that we need substantive change in our country. He is stoking up a revolution and I do not necessarily disagree with the premise. He is appealing to the most base desires within the people…an appeal to the emotional catalyst within us. The fact that this approach works, IS AN INDICTMENT ON OUR CULTURE EVEN MORE SO THAN ON THE MAN CAPITALIZING ON IT.

In case you’re wondering if this means that I would not support Mr. Trump for President against Secretary Clinton or Senator Sanders…you’re wrong. That conversation will take place AFTER the primary season. For now I think we who are FED UP with the reckless behavior of politicians should look for a voice with the message who also exhibits the character that is necessary to represent our nation well. In my opinion, Mr. Trump is not that voice.

Now HERE is a link to the rally in case you think I am overstating the case. It is long but bears out the basis of my commentary. If you feel differently, I’d welcome your input.


5 thoughts on “Mr. Trump, Character should STILL matter!

  1. As a Sunday School teacher, I do agree with certain portions of your article. That being said, what does the country need right now? What type of man can win, and defeat the democrats?Trump is not a perfect example of a christian, nor has he declared he is. He is a serious, aggressive and unstoppable force of action that is counter to everything that is status quo. He may not be perfect, polished, or politically correct but he is obviously is not establishment. I believe he can grow into presidential status as you described and place the right people into the right places to effect real solid change for the better of all American Workers. It is simply MATH for me as an owner of three companies, he has corporate knowledge and understands how to get a financial problem under control. We owe 21 trillion, and has long term liabilities of over 100 trillion, we need people not influenced nor needing money. He will do everything he says and leave a wake of destruction of anyone who tries to stop him from making America great again. We have tried everything else, it has failed. I will support this man simply because he has no reason to run but for his grandchildren….


    • Thanks Michael. No argument on the need for change and displeasure on the direction of our nation. Not sure that the character necessary for the office is to “leave a wake of destruction of anyone who tries to stop him” in his agenda. We may like parts of his agenda today. Been there before (Hope and change anyone?).

      This is a place where I ask…since God calls us to look at character when determining suitability of a leader (i.e. David, pastors, deacons, etc)…why would we think we can do better when we choose a different direction? I don’t claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer…but I do read well and trust God’s direction.

      Anyway…thank you again for contribution. I appreciate your thoughts!


  2. Rephrase: the wake of destruction refers to : fiscal business as usual, immigration, catering to Islamic factions, undermining moral fabrics, division of races, purging of military

    ( hope and change ) Most informed christians recognized what Obama was before he was elected. I recognized his Islamic tendencies, homosexual agenda, leading from behind posture immediately. The man is following the CLOWARD/PIVEN strategy to the letter.

    A Trump/Cruz ticket will bring balance to the White House as you will probably agree. A hard core leader that no one doubts and a born again christian whispering in his ear. I don’t see how that won’t work.

    Once again, this election is about MATH for me, economic policies, and bringing our jobs and money back home. He knows how important that is, knows how to do it and the world will know he means what he says. I don’t think he is stupid enough to be as revealing about our intentions policy wise and militarily as we have now. He will leave state issues to states and cut the un needed spending out of the budget. We are borrowing .46 cents of every dollar we spend…that HAS TO BE STOPPED…i believe with a conservative congress that is attainable.


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