I am Transient…

open-bible 2Over the past four months or so, I have experienced an increased sense of urgency in my life. A sense of urgency for the Gospel. In me was rekindled an awareness that life is short, death is certain, and then comes the judgment of God for every man.

Now in case you want to write this off as a doomsday article, hear me out. An awareness of the transitory nature of life is not in itself bad or harmful. In fact, it may be the antidote to procrastination.

Every school project I “put off” growing up…was directly related to the belief that I had another day to do it. I have always worked well with deadlines. Saying “get it to me when you can” is like saying, “If you never get to it, it is okay.”

I wonder if one of the contributing factors to the anemia of the American church is a sense of self-sufficiency and no sense of urgency?

The Psalmist thanked God for placing in his heart a sense of his own transience:

“Lord, make me to know my end and what is the extent of my days; let me know how transient I am.” Psalm 39:4, NASB.

Truthfully, I think we would all live a little differently if we believed we only had a few and fixed number of days to live. I think we would live better, love more, and seek eternal blessing rather than the temporal distractions of comfort. Frankly, this does not appear to be a new observation. Throughout the Scripture we find a call to urgency and an indictment against pursuing temporal pleasures that wear out, rust out, or are destroyed by the curses of this world.

Today, live like there is no tomorrow. Do it for the Glory of God.


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